Sensitive headdress

Participants discovered what is a soft electronic circuit by hand sewing: they embroidered with conductive threads small circuits without programing. We explored how ornaments of the traditional Mongolian costumes, such as beads and bells can be turn into soft switches and act on light. Documentation →

Interactive traditional felt

The participants explored how to create sensors based on the Mongolian cultural heritage by felt making. While manipulating the felted wool included in the garments, we collected data with Arduino and used them to control programmable LEDs thanks to a micro-controller.  Documentation →

Make perceptible the invisible

Learners soldered their own circuit on textile. They explored how the digital age can enhance spirituality : they made perceptible the invisible by using their garments as antennas and turning electromagnetic fields of the environment audible. Documentation →

Versatile ornaments

The last day was dedicated to the cultural heritage of patterns : ornaments occupy a central place on Mongolian culture. Students experimented smart screen printing with functional inks. We observed the impact of light, temperature and humidity on colors. Documentation →