Listening Space

Listening Space is an artistic research developed with Afroditi Psarra that explores transmission ecologies as a means of perceiving the surrounding environment beyond our human abilities. Conceptually the project seeks to define transmissions ecologies as raw material for artistic expression, to understand and re-imagine in poetic means, representations of audio and images broadcasted from space.

By investigating the energies that have been harvested by humanity to knit this complex layer, a turbulent sea of radio waves that penetrates the fabric of our everyday lives even if it remains unseen and unheard, we aim to create critical connotations between textiles-as a means of data detection, collection and archiving, and bodies as agents of power to re-interpret current technologies through handmade crafting techniques. Specifically, the ecologies of transmission that comprise the Radio Spectrum, are no doubt the ultimate expression of the Anthropocene, as they permit the operation of human life as we know it (telecommunications, environmental monitoring, radio astronomy, FM/AM radio, etc) and shape our understanding of the planet. In this context, the research project Listening Space seeks to explore satellite transmissions, as discrete embodied machines, by observing their liveness – sentience, at a rhythm dictated by their orbit.

NOAA 15 northbound 75W at 12 May 2019 17:36:03 GMT on 137.62MHz, norm enhancement, Normal projection, Channel A: 3/3B (mid infrared), Channel B: 4 (thermal infrared)