Audrey Briot (FR) is a textile designer, technologist and researcher. She is cofounder of DataPaulette, a collective and hackerspace dedicated to research in textiles technologies and soft materials.
Her work is dedicated to the impact of emerging technologies on the preservation of savoir-faire, especially in textiles. She is focusing on non-verbale communication transmitted by textiles which represent for her an entire culture and even a substitute of writing. In order to do so she relies on anthropological researches going back to the Paleolithic. Following this direction she connects machines and computers to make textiles which are memory vectors with added data and interactivity.

Audrey Briot has been making research and development and consulting in a large range of applications using smart materials, including automotive design, science equipment and fashion. As an educator, she is frequently teaching and leading workshops in numerous organisations, from primary school to university, including corporate learning.

Her work has been exhibited at Ars Electronica, BOZAR and ISEA and published at ISWC and DIS. In 2020, for her collective and personal work, she received two Nominations at STARTS Prize.