Versatile comes to me as an interior of a transition space, maybe a concept-car inspired by beds “à la polonaise”. In this space you take the time to wake you up, the time to reach the surface… this surface is scattered by light, a light that crosses corals. Versatile is a module which evaluate with the surrounding. Imagine you in a cocooning space with this starry sky of these intelligent eyes above: at night, optic fibers plunge you into a luminous wave world . When the sun rises, optic fibers move and let you get the natural light through holes. This light will feed during the all day the white wavy pattern which is in fact phosphorescent: when the sun will decline, this pattern will be your night light. Then, when you would like to be in the dark, with a caress you will fold these benevolent eyelids. Research and prototyping on a 24 shafts ARM Loom. Thiis loom is controled by computer thanks to the LOOMHACK Project. Woven textiles with optical fibers and memory wires.

weaving memory wire, hair-dryer experiment from Audrey Briot on Vimeo.