The Inapparent

 The Inapparent project is a collaboration with the wood carver and drawer Victor Giannotta. Our project is part of a desire to cross artisanal et digital manufacturing processes. Oak wood is the basis of the experience. It influenced the production of pieces of knit by the emitted sounds of tools during the work on the oak. The extent of knitting attests to the richness of the work done on the oak wood as a reflection about the transformation of material in industry.
The inapparent brings a critical eye about mass production and questions the limit of manufacturing and industrial production.

The Inapparent is composed of six pieces of knit whose patterns are made by sounds directly recorded in the PureData program drive the knitting machine. During Victor’s work, I recorded each step. He first draws the objet with colored pencils and rough cuts the trunk with a band saw then he smoothed it with a lapidary and a jigsaw. Finally he shapes the objet with wood chisels, softened it with a Dremel and sandpaper. The sounds of the six steps allowed the creation of six pieces of knit. Victor has produced several objects on the same pattern. The knit has been made on a old Brother knitting machine computer programmed and diverted from its original function. This hack named KnitHack has been realized from the work of Sokanno. In order to know the sound which creates each knit, they are accompanied by wood speakers. These ones hide nothing, only a spiral of cooper wire and a magnet connected to an audio jack to allow the hearing of sound, using the wood for its resonance.